What is Executive Coaching?

Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching is an experiential development process that builds capability to achieve short and long term goals. It is conducted through one on one or group interactions. It is driven by data gathered with respect and trust often from multiple sources within and outside the organisation. The coach and executive work together to achieve maximum personal and organisational impact.

Executive Coaches do not provide advice for you or your organisation. They provide objective observation and reflection of your situation so you can more clearly see your options and strategies going forward. Executive Coaches are passionate and positive people who more concerned with your dreams than your nightmares. The workplace often provides us with great stress and performance fears perfect for Executive coaching, however there are also some issues best dealt with by counsellors or therapists.

Today, having a coach means you are a valuable member of your organisation , an identified future leader and definitely the Executive of tomorrow.

Why should I engage an Executive Coach?

The two biggest reasons we see are;

Those who need to see significant results, solve a pressing problem or take advantage of a major opportunity.

To rely on a trusted objective observer who is credible, engaging and has a depth of coaching and business knowledge to assist you with improving your game and performance in key strategic roles.

What should I look for in an Executive Coach?

Executives and coaches differ remarkably, so you should be looking for the coach that you believe will drive your strengths, challenge your weaknesses and be truthful about those habits, traits and blind-spots that might be holding you back. Qualifications and experience are important , as are the tools, programs and methodologies that a coach will use. Consider it as a job interview, understand what you need, the skills that you are confident with and the experience that you trust . With over 120 Executive coaches around the globe contact our Executive Coach Director to assist you with identifying your particular needs and finding the right coach to talk to.

What can I expect with Executive Coaching?

Of course it is not about the coach, it’s all about you and generally executive coaching involves three levels of learning;
Strategic and tactical problem solving.

Leadership development and new generalised ways of thinking and acting.

Learning development and skills including new habits of self reflection to ensure that high-level learning and performance continues after coaching ends.

Is the Executive coaching process confidential?

Because the nature of our executive coaching process is unique, it is important for all partners involved in the program to develop a formal, written confidentially agreements before the coaching begins.

If you would like to find out more Contact us here or to speak directly with one of our coaches call us on 02392454111.